Automatic trousers presser

Automatic trousers presser

Model No.︰IT-B

Brand Name︰Royal

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 227 / pc

Minimum Order︰50 pc

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Product Description

Electric automatic trousers presser is the latest developed household appliance. Its exquisite appearance and convenient operation will add warm for your housing life. Especially, it is a good product for hotels and mansions because it is not only convenient for customers, but also is an indication of a good service taste and rank.Electric automatic trousers presser is necessary in guest rooms of European hotels.

Personalized design and convenient operation

You can put the trousers into the electric automatic trousers presser, start power, and choose pressing time. The presser can finish the pressing work automatically. This is different from the traditional pressing mode.

Auto control and operation

You can determine the pressing time according to materials and pleats. The time can run from 5 to 30 minutes. Temperature is controlled automatically. 30 minutes of operation only costs 0.08 yuan. This is a saving of time and money. It is convenient for you.


Health strengthening and environment protection


The presser is made of environment friendly and low energy consumption materials (without pollution). It is without noise. Thus the life is environment friendly.


Fashionable appearance


The presser is made of traditional Chinese redwood with attachments such as clothes racks and tie racks. It is noble and graceful as an upgrading of your life and beautification of your housing.


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